Copenhagen Specs öppnar i Berlin

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Meddelande från Morten Gammelmark, generalen för nordiska glasögonmässan Copenhagen Specs:

We are proud to announce, that copenhagen specs in 2018 will open another eyewear show “copenhagen specs in berlin”. The show will take place the 20-21st of October 2018 and in line with the copenhagen specs concept, the chosen venue is Arena Halle – an old depot for busses build in 1927 – in the centre of Berlin. 

During the past 5 years, copenhagen specs has established itself as an important part of the European eyewear business. The concept of the eyewear show has proven itself to have a great appeal towards the independent eyewear industry, and for a long time both exhibitors and visitors have encouraged us to expand the concept to other cities in Europe. 

The concept will be 100 % the same as in Cipenhagen. 

In the coming month we will support you with a lot of information about the new show. So stay tuned.

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