Prada Linea Rossa FW 10/11

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Två nya sportigt eleganta solglasögon från Pradas Linea Rossa. Höstkampanjen görs med elitidrottare som modeller, bl.a. norske Aksel Lund Svindal.

Toms eller Colins glasögon

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You might expect that Firth’s glasses were designed by Tom Ford (his latest lines coincidentally echo the look of the 60s). You’re wrong. Despite loving chunky frames Tom Ford wasn’t responsible for Colin’s glasses in the movie. He didn’t design them nor picked them. It was all Colin’s work.

Firth said that he found them in a props box. They were genuine antiques. Firth admitted: “… and they just were cool and they went with the hair and the whole rest of the look. So I picked them up, put them on, said “well maybe for reading.” Ford then let him wear them for a couple of scenes and he warmed to them as the shooting went along.
Bild & info från Brandsandfilms and Olof

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