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Angående att så många väljer att placera fula skrangliga saker MITT I ANSIKTET..
Here in english - hope I translated ok so you get the feeling:
Parents do not always live what we preach

Reading glasses. I mean thus cheap ready-mades non-prescription off the shelves glasses. (sighing..)

Made a visit to my father far up in northern Sweden. On the kitchen table, indeed in the whole house, it is sprinkled with ready readers. I do not see the slightest trace of any fine progressive, workprogressive and recipes cut reading glasses, I provided him with over the years. I open the cupboard and there is a stack of glasses neatly packed in cases; Gucci, Prada and Scandinavian Eyewear it says on the cases.

- But Dad why do not you use some of the prescription glasses that I made? I ask.

- I am a bit frightened to use them and I use them only just for fine special occasions. Readymades are so good and it does not matter if they break, he answers.

Sounds familiar?

-IT DOESN`T MATTER if they break. Happened to sit on my ready mades so temples stand right out but IT DOESN`T MATTERI because they were so cheap. Happened to forget them at the restaurant BUT IT DOES NOT MATTER because.... Lost my readers but IT DOESN`T MATTER ...

Is it in fact so nice to say the phrase IT DOESN`T MATTER that you are prepared to look like a jackass (pardon the expression, but it is what shows up in my head) several times a day? Every day!

It seems so. For generally spiffy, well-dressed and smart friends of me, does not seem reluctant to ruin the whole look by having a pair of grim ugly and ill-fitting glasses exactly in the middle of the face.

The arguments for using readymades are extremely few, nowadays when you can get prescriptionglasses at low-price opticians for almost the same amount of money. In addition, most optician do offer some sort of insurance for the glasses, at least the first year. ...If you happen to sit on them, if you happen to break them...

Time for us to speak out when our beloved friends and family fumbling with their radymades and say something like: - You actually look uglier in those glasses than without. Take them off immediately and get yourself a pair of real ones, and you will see that they work the other way around: You will be more attractive with glasses than without!

Unfortunately, this is not a valid argument when it comes to my dad but I will simply sit on them and say: -IT DORESN`T MATTER because you have exclusive prescriptionRX in the cupboard!
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