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I SoHo på 457 Broome Street Ligger Lazaro, en läcker butik full med spännande accessoarer, främst för män. Det är mycket svart, läder, silver, detaljer och tyngd. I 35 år har trevlige Lazaro som syns längst till vänster i bild servat kunder som Bruce Springsteen, Jack White, Jay-Z och Nicolas Cage med egendesignade smycken och andra accessoarer. Det är en "one-of-a-kind" butik som ni absolut ska besöka. 
In SoHo at 457 Broome Street, you find Lazaro, a delicious shop full of exciting accessories, mainly for men. It's very black, leather, silver, details and kinda heavy fashion. For 35 years, nice and friendly Lazaro (visible at the far left in the picture) serviced clients such as Bruce Springsteen, Jack White, Jay-Z and Nicolas Cage with selfdesigned jewelry and other accessories. It is a "one-of-a-kind" store that you absolutely must visit.
På ett stort vackert bord, under toppskivan i glas, ligger en fin kollektion solglasögon från L.G.R och Bob Sdrunk. Jag jobbar själv med L.G.R solglasögon och vet att de passar utmärkt i en butik med den här typen av kläder och smycken, och där kunderna har lte krav på kvalité.. Deras klotrunda Reunion med flatbase-linser och modellen med sidoskydd är perfekt här. 
Klipp från Lazaros sida 

Drawing on architectural elements of ancient Greece and Roman history, tempered with the influences of Moroccan and Indian design, every collection Lazaro designs has a fresh and modern edge for present day while preserving all that is classic. From the delicate to the bold, from the sculptural to the chaotic, there exists something in the collection for everyone. Custom designs and collaborations make Lazaro a sought after commodity in today's world where there is little left to the consumer's own influence on a piece they desire to wear. Lazaro's jewelry has been photographed by hundreds of publications since the 1980s. Featured often in Ponytail, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Town & Country, Elle, Rolling Stone, Guitar Aficionado and W Magazine (to name a few) and on such stars as Jay-Z, Cindy Crawford, Jimmy Page, Santigold and Jennifer Aniston. Additionally, the jewelry has been used in numerous television shows and movies.

Since 1981, jewelry designer Lazaro Diaz has been creating what can best be described in the jewelry and fashion world as "wearable art". Born in Cuba and arriving in the United States at age 4 would seem a most insurmountable challenge to anyone. However, Lazaro faced that obstacle as he has faced any in his challenging career and craft: with unwavering confidence and conviction in his abilities and a dedication to quality and the creation of unique art. His effort and diligence have certainly paid off as Lazaro is one of the most enduring designers alive.

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