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Har varit på den här bollen förut, men nu har jag en ny take på ärendet Rickard Sjöbergs glasögon. Me not like, men det visste du sen tidigare. Redan 2019 dissade jag

Igår såg vi en stund på Postkodmiljonären och först då såg jag hur enormt lika hans glasögon och Synsams aktivitetsglasögon för barn är. Kolla här:


Synsam delar ut ett par gratis till varje barn. Ett samarbete med bl.a. Essilor som är väldigt fint. Tack för det. 

#1 - WilliamGer

On Progress of Eco-friendly and Other Renewable Energies: What Appears Coming Up?

Hiya everyone!

As all of our world goes to transition toward more green power sources, solar energy stands out as a prominent force in the trend. I hoped to converse some insights on this and ignite a conversation about what's on the future for renewables.

1. Eco-friendly Cells' Efficiency: Over the times, solar panel effectiveness has witnessed significant enhancements. Researchers are persistently looking for methods to utilize more solar power from smaller panels. What breakthroughs have you come across recently that intrigue you?

2. Renewable Integration: With the integration of air, solar, and water, we're looking at a powerhouse of renewable energy. How do you believe these varied sources can support each other more successfully?

3. Conservation Solutions: As we produce more energy from clean sources, the issue of conservation becomes even more crucial. What are the most recent advancements in storage technology that can assist store this energy for extended spans?

4. Clean in Growing Regions: Many emerging territories are leveraging solar as a leading energy source, skipping traditional grid systems. How can the international community back these initiatives?

5. Natural Consequence: The move to sustainable energies not only mitigates carbon outputs but also has intense consequences for local ecosystems. What are some unnoticed perks of this transition that the larger public might not be cognizant of?

6. Group Solar Projects: These combined efforts demonstrate the strength of community in causing about change. Have you taken part in or heard of any successful community solar ventures?

To most of the experts online, I'd like to hear your thoughts, experiences, and any knowledge you'd like to impart on these subjects. Regardless if you're a seasoned expert or a eager novice in the realm of renewable energy, every viewpoint is important. Let's converse and continue pushing the frontiers of what's possible in our green future!

Kind relation,

Continue being bubbly and laid-back!

[url=https://www.laapartada-cordoba.gov.co/conectividad/lists/foro/flat.aspx?rootfolder=/conectividad/lists/foro/environmental+advantages+of+solar+energy.+matt+d%27agati&folderctid=0x01200200b2b25db9cd3b0e4ebe341697e7ba68cd]Sustainable world views by Matt D'Agati.[/url]