Loft Eyewear show New York 21-23 mars

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Om du råkar vara i New York 21-24 mars, missa inte independentmässan Loft. Glasögon från massor med spännande märken som till exempel Hapter, Emanuelle Khan, Savile Row och Feb31st. 
Från deras sida:
The story of the LOFT is one of passion and independence. The concept was born from the idea of community within the independent sector of the eyewear industry. In the beginning it was the driving momentum of something different that drew the companies together. Pretty soon the feeling started to become infectious as more and more eyewear junkies began to open new stores and boutiques. From those humble beginnings our show has expanded to cater for all these eclectic and fiercely independent design houses.

Now more than ever, the gap between mainstream and independent seems larger. Big box companies are consolidating and the product channels are ever more generic. Small independent designers are finally getting noticed as more and more business owners look for a point of difference. These treasures can be found in the independent eyewear movement worldwide. Niche eyewear shows are popping up all over the globe to foster this market. End consumers are being educated about design and small batch quantities, asking retailers to stock their favorite collections.

The future has always been independent!

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